About FAM

THE MUDDLING MAGICIAN: Pauline Thompson, Jenny Packham, Tracy Carey, Fiona Yagmoor & Kellie Gray

Frustrated Artistic Mothers  FAM Events & Productions is based in Bright in the beautiful High Country of North East Victoria  Australia.

Jenny Packham a frustrated thespian from school days, found her life turned upside down in 2011 when she was widowed suddenly.

“After losing Roger I couldn’t bear the thought of returning to 9-5 work again. I took up cleaning holiday homes with a friend where I didn’t have to face the world. But I couldn’t see myself scrubbing for the rest of my days and found the only thing that inspired me was performance.   I decided to use all my life and work skills (Dip Events, former local government Community Development Officer, Bushfire Recovery, Bright Alpine Actors Inc.) and have a go at a childhood dream – work in performing arts and events. CRAZY! But life is too short and thanks to my wonderful friends and collaborators at FAM we have  created something special”.

FAM provides opportunities  for local artists to collaborate creatively while building community connectedness and supporting each other through life’s challenges. Jenny and fellow artists believe being are part of FAM is important for their ongoing mental health.

“It’s important artists in communities  have a variety of ways to connect, we become stronger and more resilient for these shared experiences. I have a ball with FAM. I have a fantastic team of collaborators who bring something special; writing, design, stage management, hilarious ideas and dedicated creatives.  I am very fortunate to be surrounded by  these people who share my crazy passion. ”

At FAM I draw on a a network of skilled local & metropolitan creative professionals and bring something unique and original to each event.

BRIGHT CABARET FESTIVAL   FAM partners with Melbourne based Backpack On Productions to bring the best of top national and international cabaret shows to Bright every Mothers Day Weekend in May

ON THE HOME FRONT: ANZAC Centenary drama – Pieta Swann, Jenny Packham & Pauline Thompson

Side Show Alley Poster

SIDESHOW ALLEY – Cabaret: Jenny Packham aka “Mario Royale”


FAM  specialise in bringing tours of selected shows and performances to small remote and regional audiences from Bright to Bundaberg and beyond!

THE CAFE SESSIONS – Sketch Comedy – Robyn Downey, Fiona Yagmoor, Sue Marshall, Jenny Packham & Pauline Thompson

If you would like to know more about our shows and services, please email jenpackham@gmail.com

Join the conversation on Facebook or call Jenny Packham direct on 0418 564 768.