On The Home Front

On the Home Front  Theatre & Radio Play Project – ANZAC Centenary 

SPONSORS WELCOME – to ensure schools and small communities can access this performance FAM is seeking financial assistance from individuals, organisations and business.

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Touring February to November 2016 http://vimeo.com/97214497

This original play by Pieta Swann BA (Educational Theatre), Grad Dip Ed  is about the experiences of three Australia women as their loved ones serve during WWI.

Using historical newspaper reports, songs, letters and poems the play reflects upon the start of the Great War in 1914 to the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915 when the ANZAC legend was formed.

The performance presents history in a dynamic way through the intermingling of historical facts, personal stories and engaging performers. It is designed to inform and inspire students’ (audiences’) imaginations as the centenary of ANZAC day draws closer.

While the subject matter of the play is aligned to the Australian National Curriculum outcomes for students in years 6 and 9 it is a wonderful opportunity to provide context to all students (community members) for the ANZAC commemorations that will take place locally, nationally and internationally 2015 – 2018.